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When we are young, we know that if the examination is good. Family will give some reward. While the opposite Na. That is, when their own step backward is punished.
Before, I heard a story is that there is a person, learning very well. But that one time because it did not play normal. Examination of the unsatisfactory, the parents will punish him. Punishment is particularly brutal. That is, summer and noon temperatures are particularly high. Let him kneel in the middle of the yard. A kneel is a noon. Think of all terrible, is this education can really test a good result? Is there no other way?
Remember, I went to high school. The results are not particularly good nor bad. Moderate it, I did not test and others are not the same, others are particularly nervous before the test. And some even sick. And I was particularly relaxed, because my parents told me to do their best on the line. So every test regardless of the test well, I calmly told the parents, if well, then the parents will continue to say. If the test is not good, parents say, the next effort.
Like the picture in the amount of the event, is this really okay? Once, twice. Some people will be afraid. What is the result of fear? That's lying! Change their scores. Open parents will find others posing. Is this what you adults want results?
There are some adults, the idea is that some of the previous point of view, but now the community in progress. Some of the old ideas have to be forgotten. Follow the trend of the times. There are some old feudal, under what sticks out of filial piety, and so on. This really improves, with a correct idea to educate us.

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